Extrusion Lines: All types of lines for extruders from 0.25 inch (6mm) to 1.5 inch (37mm) diameter.

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 Production Compounding Screws: Patented replacement screws for all extruder brands:

        A surprising pictorial of Randcastle single screw compounding:

            Nano Compounding to the 200nm scale
            Comparisons to twin screw extruders with 8 times better mixing
            Processing RPVC powder, mixing it, and running at 180 rpm
            Indexes by scale, material, and filler
            A 3 page pictorial of how simple these mixers work

 Micro Batch Mixer: Compound small batches into a strand without scraping hot polymer from rotors! Save time, make  better mixes, then scale results to compounding screws above!

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 Lab Services:
            • Compounding:
 o Batch Mixer: We have the 10 gram in, 5 gram extruded out SFEM-BM-1000-4.
o Four Compounding Extruders: Compounding capability from 125 times better than a
 typical single screw to 1,000 times better than a single screw. The extruders range in outputs from
                       30 grams per hour on our RCP-0375 to about 30 pounds per  hour on our Taskmaster 1,000 with
                       up to 3 vents for degassing. L/D’s range from 2 mixer 24/1 L/D to 4 mixer 50/1 L/D.
            • Direct Compounding:
Often, melt mix compounding is possible while we make products such as film, sheet, etc.
            • Pelletizing:
There are three pelletizers in the lab, RCP 2.0 with dual drives (in bench and floor model)
                       and an RCP 1.0 Micro-pelletizer.
            • Cast Film
(including coextrusion): 3, 6 and 10 inch wide dies
            • Extrusion Coating/Lamination:
6 and 10 inch wide dies.
            • Sheet
(including coextrusion): 3 inch and 6 inch wide dies
            • Blown Film:
Dies 0.625 and 1.0 inches.
            • Filament (also called strand or rod): Non-oriented by godets in various sizes.
            • Bi-component Strand
(sometimes called coextruded rod) Non-oriented by godets in various sizes
            • Tubing:
A free extrusion (free meaning that there is no sizing system) lab line for small tubing.
            • Wire Coating: A lab line for coating wire.


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