RCP-0750 with Bench Sheet Take Off

Standard features shown:
  • Bench mounted line
  • RCP-0750 3/4" Microtruder 
  • 6" Die 
  • Bench Sheet Take Off
  • Integral Control Panel including:
    • FPM indicator
    • 10 turn pots
    • Field selectable torque or speed control for pull rolls 
  • Gear rack positioning
    Hardened rolls
This sheet take off is small but powerful.  The hardened rolls prevent worm tracking.  The small diameter rolls concentrate the already powerful force generated by 3 inch air cylinders.  Dual motors drive the stack and pulls rolls separately.  A safety cable surrounds the stack and pull rolls.  The hand wheel and die shape let you position the stack extremely close to the nip rolls for minimal neck in.
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