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Rent Laboratory Extrusion Equipment for:

Compounding  Blown Film 
Cast Film   Sheet
Tubing  Coating 
Coex film/sheet/rod Triple Vented Extrusion (degassing)
Tandem Extrusion  Batch Mixing
Non-oriented Fiber  

Extrusion equipment that works for you.


As part of Randcastle’s commitment to technical service, a working lab is available for customer experiments. Typically, customers supply the polymers and the goals.   Randcastle sets up the extruders (cleaned before the trial) with the agreed die and downstream equipment.  Most often, customers come to the lab to work with Randcastle.  However, trials are also performed by Randcastle following customer instructions.

There are many reasons why our customers use our lab services.  Goals often include making an extrude to some size while combining other goals.  For example, the goal may be to make a 1 mil cast film while compounding and degassing a filler.  Or, the goal may be to investigate the physical properties of a coextrusion while investigating feeding, pressure stability, output, and so on.  Some lab users have operating budgets but no capital budget so they come to the lab and do their experimental work.  Some users are unfamiliar with extrusion.   They come for a seminar and combine it with a lab experiment.

What Happens When You Get Here

We review your application with you and review the safety aspects of the extrusion machinery.  We show you where the coffee is.  We begin.  We usually work through lunch (though you get to eat).   

Unique Equipment

The lab’s machinery is constantly being updated, going to shows or rented so a complete listing of the lab’s facility is not practical.  However, usually the lab has about 8 single screw Microtruders or Taskmasters in the 0.25 inch to 1 inch screw range.  Two of these are usually compounders having L/D's of 50/1 and 36/1.   These extruders are set up according to the application.   Please call to discuss your particular application or a specific quotation.

We have a wide variety of Extrusion Lab Equipment available.  Please contact us regarding your specific requirements. Three Novatec dryers are available.  Double and triple venting is possible on the Taskmaster.  Various feeders allow starve feeding of the extruders.  A liquid pump is available for downstream additive compounding.  A roll feeder is available for soft taffy like feed stocks or silicone.  A unique fragile strand pelletizer allows you pelletize delicate water soluble strands.  A NEW item in the Lab is the Batch Mixer which is designed to work with samples in the 10 gram range. 


Keith Luker, has thirty eight years of extrusion processing.  He was called a "Veteran Trainer" in 1994 by PM&E Magazine (and he's still bears them a mild grudge for making him feel like a baseball player with a couple of years left.  Keith is 54.)  He is an instructor for SPE, SME, and others.  He is the author of many papers and innovations in extrusion, and holds several patents. David Lorenc, came out of American Leistritz with a heavy processing background in twin screw compounding that began 22 years ago and provides technical assistance when needed. 


Sometimes, you plan for a trial and, well, things happen.  The supplier ships the material late and it arrives the morning of the trial.  You expected to process these 1/8 inch pellets on the 1/2 inch extruder you found set up and heated on your arrival.  The material arrives that morning in 3/16 inch ground form requiring a larger extruder.  No problem.  Our setups use quick disconnects on the plumbing and the electrical and make the change as painless as possible.  Combined with hustle and energy, you might be surprised how quickly we can get things done.  The trial starts and we find out there are gas bubbles in the extrudate.  Now what do we do?  We discuss whether to vent the material in line with the application and whether we need more than one vent opened up.  The point is, we keep going to get the job done.  We work hard.


Keith Luker manages the Lab schedules for the Lab Trials. Contact him for the best times to come in.

Hotel and Directions

Hotel recommendations and directions to our facility are available at your request by fax, USPS mail, email or by download below.


 For more information about the lab email sales@randcastle.com