Compounding: Randcastle compounders use our exclusive, patent pending, Recirculator mixing elements for state of the art mixing.  The Recirculator creates multiple elongation---dispersive---flow fields.  These flow fields break agglomerates and are a primary melting mechanism.  Within the Recirculator, some flow is directed upstream!  The upstream flow then folds into the downstream flow for recirculatory flow.  Up to four Recirculators are available in a single 50/1 screw.  Examples of use:




Solids Additional To Polymer:











                       § Picture of 25% and 40% wood flour and LDPE pellets


                       § Picture of 40% wood flour and RPVC   




        Melt Blends











Principle Of Operation: A quick look at how the Recirculator works.



Compounding Tutorial: A series of slides from Randcastle compounding presentation.



Compounding Paper: A published, peer reviewed, paper on the Recirculator.


Picture of  inch 50:1 screw with 4 Recirculators